Thursday, 17 November 2011

Welcome to the digital age, Plateau postering, Outremont encore.

I was doubly queried by the owners of the lawn on which I was stationed about my willingness to procure the small television on which I sat to do my drawing. Despite the negative nature of my responses, I had delightful interactions with both man and woman, the latter of which I engaged with in a brief remonstration of the elimination of analog broadcast signals for TV - the reason the unit was now on their front lawn.
This day, I made a caustic error at work. I have obsessed about it ever since - hence the reserved, solitary drawing. If you hear no more of this workplace fatality, then indeed my job will be through. But I don't mind the simple buildings. They take me less time now, and I can practice what I see as a self-framing technique. Although, it would be nice to stop eliminating windows due to lack of drafting skills. This is on Laurier.

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