Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ottawa, Behind the Scenes, Tents not bombs.

The concept behind this project is apparently flexible, but this it must be. I am not going to be in Montreal every single day for the rest of my life, so neither is it! Every now and then, we take trips - some far, some wide, some virtual. The other day, we took a virtual trip to my friend's parents' home to make it into a birthday present. Happy Birthday, Peter!

As charming as house facedes are, their behinds are just as alluring. This is also the home of many a foraging squirrel, hyperactive child, and tomato plant lying dormant on stakes.

...Which begs the question, what is a home? Occupy Montreal is organizing workshops/discussions on a variety of topics, and I believe today's was on housing issues. Here is the third installment of the very metaphysical update of the Building Project -

Dedicated to my dear friend Vanessa in honour of her birthday!

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